Chulju Hong (angdev)

github | me@ang.dev

I’m a Technical Debt Payer Software Engineer. I’m interested in Distributed Computing, Programming Language.

Work Experience


Backend Platform Team Lead (2020.09 - current)

  • Rejoined as Backend Platform Team Lead!


CTO (2019.08 - 2020.09)

  • Managed the backend infrastructure of the company
  • Built, maintained several products, including Odin, TX-ray, etc.


Backend Engineer (2017.03 - 2019.08)

  • Maintaining Azar API server written in Java programming language
  • Managing backend infrastructure related to Azar API server (CI/CD, Microservices, Monitoring, Log Aggregation, …)
  • Breaking a monolith into microservices (Matching, Messaging, …)
  • Developed WebRTC gateway broker server using Kotlin and Netty


Backend Engineer (2015.08 - 2017.03)

  • Developed and maintained Kakaostock app API server written in Ruby programming language
  • Developed Kakaostock web app API server, and web page (react)
  • Set up and maintained kubernetes cluster on bare metal (IDC), and managed CI/CD pipeline


  • Company100, Backend Engineer (2013 - 2014)
  • Bluehole Studio, Server Programmer Internship (2013)
  • Nexon, Software Engineer Internship (2012)


  • Computer Science @ Yonsei University (2011 - )


Programming languages

  • Java, Kotlin, Ruby, Javascript, C++, Python, Rust

Data Management

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, DynamoDB, MongoDB

Big Data / Cloud / DevOps

  • AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Consul, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Fluentd, Elasticsearch, Kafka

Presentation & Publication

Open source projects

  • uuid_v1_rs: UUID Version 1 implementation written in Rust
  • chocolat: Self-Hosted Event Analytics Service written in Go (keen.io compatible)
  • date-fns#327: Add Korean language support to date-fns

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